Ethics in architecture: best practice for sourcing materials, products and people.08/11/18

This seminar will provide you with an awareness of the tangible threats faced by you and your clients, and mechanisms that have been developed in order to address those threats. Irrespective of the size of your organisation, you will be equipped to understand strategies and tools you may develop yourself, take pragmatic measures, and provide informed support to your clients.

The 21st century presents a number of unprecedented and interrelated global challenges. Population growth, climate change, resource depletion, including energy and water, and food security are no longer the sole concern of governments or fragile communities. Instead, corporates now recognize that what were once viewed as inconsequential ‘externalities’ increasingly represent a clear threat to their current and future viability, particularly where those businesses operate extended and complex supply chains.

Organisation: RIBA
Date: 08/11/18
Time: 14:00
Speaker: Chris McCann and Jacqui Glass
Venue: Gateshead Council, Civic Centre, Regent Street, Gateshead NE8 1HH
Cost: £18 – £110.40
Type: Talk
Contact: Sally Brewis - 0191 261 7441
Region: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
Time of Day: Day
Topic: Other

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