Procuring for Value05/12/18

Design and Build is coming under increasing pressure.  It has been questioned in terms of how it creates rather than transfers risk, the quality of the housing and infrastructure it delivers and the construction sector culture it creates.  In addition, the construction sector has some very significant structural issues, not least productivity.  Bringing construction productivity up to the national average would deliver an extra £15bn of value each year.

But what is the alternative, how does this change?  The Construction Leadership Council are proposingProcuring for Value, and are creating a methodology to underpin this work.  Procuring for Value brings together clients, suppliers, assets and procurement in a structure that focusses on outcomes over the long term.  This is seen as critical carrier for change; by creating the space for innovation and productivity, investment in capacity and quality becomes a significantly more sensible and secure proposition for industry.  This in turn means quality and performance for clients – if they are prepared to step outside business as usual…

Ann Bentley, Global Director, RLB, and Procuring for Value lead, Construction Leadership Council
Rob Charlton, CEO, Space Group

Organisation: CENE
Date: 05/12/18
Time: 8:30 - 11:00
Speaker: Constructing Excellence in the North East
Venue: Ward Hadaway
Cost: £20+VAT for members of CENE, £35+VAT for non-members
Type: Seminar
Contact: Grace Collinson on or Call 0191 500 7880
Region: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
Time of Day: Day
Topic: Other