Procuring for Value13/06/19

Date: Thursday 13th June

Time: 8.30am – 11.00am

Venue: The Grand Gosforth Park Hotel

Cost: TBC

Constructing Excellence in the North East are delighted to welcome back Ann Bentley, Global Director at RLB and Procuring for Value (PFV) workstream lead in the Construction Leadership Council back to the region.

Ann will update us on what has been developed as her workstream starts to come to a close, and the PFV Tool is readied for deployment.

So what is Procuring for Value?  How will it operate?  And more importantly, what opportunity will it create; how do we engage and benefit?  Procuring For Value has potential to be a very significant carrier for change; with our passion for better homes, infrastructure and outcomes how can we give it the best chance for success?

This event also includes an update on the NE Construction Strategy, and finishes with a workshop where we will consider what we have learned about PFV and the Strategy, and turn this into challenges to be submitted to the Dynamo NE Innovation Day 2019, creating an opportunity to link opportunities and barriers with potential solutions.

(Please note this event links with the Construction Leadership event on 26 June)

Organisation: CENE
Date: 13/06/19
Time: 8.30 - 11.00
Speaker: CENE
Venue: Grand Gosforth Park Hotel
Cost: TBC
Type: Seminar
Contact: Grace @ or Call 0191 500 7880
Region: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
Time of Day: Day
Topic: Other