RIBA North East Coalface | Alternative Practice14/11/19

Join us for a fun evening event celebrating different ways architectural companies are diversifying the workplace.

10 speakers from a variety of disciplines with short insights into their alternative methods of practice ranging from digital fabrication techniques to community focused architecture.

A lively evening with drinks and networking – we look forward to seeing you there.

Adam Vaughan | JDDK | Sustainability Strategy in Practice
The RIBA has declared a climate emergency and hundreds have signed up to Architects Declare, but can small practices in the North East really make a difference? Adam Vaughan shares the work that JDDK Architects are doing to respond to the crisis with a new sustainability strategy.

Ben Couture | 3rd Space | High End Prefabrication
3rdSpace was established in 2010, with the vision of designing a new kind of micro-architecture that could provide high-quality spaces, built to last and available to all. Since founding the company, many small buildings have been produced for customers in London and around the UK, giving families and businesses more space to grow as their needs expand. The 3rdSpace range currently consists of two key designs; Modular and Aspect.

Claire Margetts | EDable Architecture | Plyable
PLYable Design is the furniture and product design side of EDable Architecture. It has grown out of a life long interest: in all aspects of design and more specifically a love of making stuff. PLYable furniture and products tend to fall into four main areas of interest: furniture that can be enjoyed by adults and children, lighting, one off installations and bespoke furniture. The products are often (but not exclusively!) made of plywood, and whilst we consider them hand-made they also utilise the modular opportunities afforded by CNC machines and laser cutters.

Grace Choi | Grace Choi Architecture | Community Architecture
Believe that everyone should enjoy great architecture. They question, listen, push design boundaries and create buildings that people love. As a design-oriented small practice working across all sectors, with emphasis on community projects, bespoke homes and public buildings. Their attitude is: whatever the constraints, great spaces can be created with care and imagination.

Lauren Wedderburn | Something Good Newcastle
Listened to the call for change in our modern convenience culture, and how damaging our take-make-use-dispose economy really is. Watching documentaries about how much waste we ‘throw away’, and where it really goes. Reading about the lives of the people who really make our fast-fashion, and how many hungry people could be fed with the food we waste. Something Good Newcastle decided it was time to do something. “Their mission: we want it to be simple and affordable for anyone to make small, sustainable changes towards a low impact, low waste lifestyle. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live and shop ethically.”

Liam Newton | Newton Architects | Work Life Balance
Newton Architects are an award winning environmental practice producing sustainable contemporary designs. Aiming to create buildings today which will become the norm tomorrow.

Matt Warner | Layer Studio | Emerging Landscape Architects with satellite office
Layer Studio are a landscape design studio based in Manchester and Newcastle who design, detail and deliver inspirational external spaces. Their portfolio of projects grows by the week, and we’re pleased to display a selection below.

Dan Kerr | Shawm developments, creating a passivhaus and timber frame technology
MawsonKerr dynamic studio produce bespoke architectural designs catering for a variety of public and private client requirements. They have extensive experience in various sectors including residential, heritage, education, commercial and leisure. They strive to exceed clients expectations of what an architect can do and the potential of your project. They are fully committed to the process and for our hard work have received various regional and national awards.

Nick James | Maker Perspective
Nick James is a highly skilled craftsman. He’s an advocate of traditional woodworking techniques that are rare in contemporary practice. A machine can’t pick up a piece of wood, study the flow of the grain or make a decision about how to use it. Every piece is made by Nick and his team of skilled craftsmen in his workshop at Mushroom Works in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK.

Su Stringfellow | Harrison String Fellow | HAS and Community Architecture
Actively involved in activities outside of the workplace giving their staff time and opportunity to develop their interests and contribute to their neighbourhoods. They champion opportunities for career progression whilst balancing family life and this results in a creative team that is well engaged with clients. They have a collaborative approach, using creative skills to add value to projects where least expected. The result is a subtly unique portfolio of work

Organisation: RIBA
Date: 14/11/19
Time: 5:30pm - 9pm
Speaker: Various
Venue: Tyneside Cinema Pop Up
Cost: RIBA Members £10, Non Member £15
Type: Discussion and talk
Contact: Kate Aldred - 0191 261 7441
Region: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
Time of Day: Evening
Topic: Networking

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