Risk and Resilience – Towards a More Effective Narrative…14/11/19

Tom Jarman and John Arthur examine differing modern forms of the dual operational concepts of ‘risk and resilience’ considering how these generate insight and add value.

Tom’s career in Project & Programme management was at the time when the need for ‘The Risk Register’ was the dominant narrative; John’s Organisational Psychology approach wrestled with multi-national crisis-management in global supply chains where regulatory scrutiny dominated. Both came to the conclusion that Risk and Resilience were too easily hard-wired as merely transactional processes generating organisational assurance. The effort needed to generate even this result meant that changes or challenges to systems thinking – based on their manifest efficiency or efficacy in generating real insight and measurable value, were not welcomed.

Despite the steady recurrence of highly publicised failures in programmes, projects and sectors of industries purportedly “protected” by standard Risk and Resilience management systems these legacy methodologies remain the dominant narrative.

Tom and John will be exploring a newer narrative. Tom will open by tackling the ‘grass roots expression’: how do people talk about these concepts at the basic organisational levels; how does the business still view the processes and outcomes; is it used to actually identify real risk within, and build any genuine resilience into, an organisation? John considers the strategic gap in the industry-standard approaches. He will lay out practical examples from the triple challenge of ‘Motivation, Meaning & Measurement’ for the design of Risk and Resilience Reasoning Systems to add demonstrable insight and value.

Tom concludes by looking at the current trajectory of Risk and Resilience in the context of construction. He will address developing challenges that mean a better Risk and Resilience narrative, acting as a framework to understand the future, is needed more than ever.

18:00 Registration, networking, refreshments
18:20 Introduction to speaker
18:25 Presentation
19:45 Questions and closing
20:00 Close

This event is suitable for professionals with an intermediate level of experience.

Organisation: APM
Date: 14/11/19
Time: 18:00
Speaker: Tom Jarman and John Arthur
Venue: Copthorne Hotel Newcastle
Cost: Free for APM Members or £10 for non-members
Type: Presentation/talk
Contact: events@apm.org.uk
Region: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
Time of Day: Evening
Topic: Networking

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